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208 W. Lincoln; Charlevoix, MI 49720

Dan Phillips, Umpire in Chief 231-330-3204

Women's 18 & over

Leroy Buchanan Memorial Tournament
Petoskey, Michigan

June 15-17, 2018


Petoskey Area video

Leroy Buchanan is an MASA Hall of Fame manager who coached women's fast pitch teams in Petoskey for many years. His teams won numerous state championships as well as a national championship. Leroy was also a key member of the Petoskey Fastpitch Tournament Committee for many years and was a regular on the raffle collections with Ed White and then taught Leah his tricks of the trade. Leroy has coached many of the women from our area who are also in the MASA Hall of Fame.

Final Bracket with Results


Tournament Champion – Lady Explorers from Midland (team picture - Brenda & Rhonda Buchanan far left)
Tournament Runner-Up – Ice Cubes from Bay City & Detroit (team picture- Brenda left, Rhonda right)

Pool Play Official Order of Finish
#1 – Ice Cubes (2-1 record, 4 runs allowed)
#2 – Lady Explorers (2-1 record, 8 runs allowed)
#3 – #BB (2-1 record, 12 runs allowed
#4 – Milverton AW Millwrights (0-3 record)

Individual Awards: (Pic – LtoR: Brenda Buchanan, Becky Manson, Lindsay Rich, Maddie Burgess, Rhonda Buchanan – missing from photo: Jenna Faultersack)
Outstanding Pitcher – Lindsay Rich from Lady Explorers (3 wins, 0 losses, 18 IP, 4 R, 13 H’s, 10 K’s, 4 BB’s)
Outstanding Hitter – Jenna Faultersack from #BB (9-15 / .600 average)
Outstanding Infielder – Becky Manson, shortstop from Ice Cubes (7-17 / .412 average)
Outstanding Outfielder – Maddie Burgess, centerfielder for Lady Explorers (10-20 / .500 average)

Game Results:
Game 1: #BB – 6 (6 hits) over Lady Explorers – 5 (7 hits)
WP – Reily Galloway (4 K’s, 5 BB’s), LP – Sammi Howell (4 K’s, 3 BB’s)
#BB – Megan Hiler had 2 hits with the game winning walk-off single that brought in 2 runs in the bottom of the 7th, Skyler Sobeski tripled, Abby Stoner doubled, singles by Jenna Faultersack and Reily Galloway.
Lady Explorers – Maddie Burgess had 2 hits, Shelby Hand and Maggie Frezotti each tripled, singles by Tara Gross, Kaila Fulker and Julia Gross.

Game 2: Ice Cubes – 9 (9 hits) over Milverton AW Millwrights – 0 (2 hits) in 5 innings
WP – Ellie Ballbach (3 K’s, 6 BB’s), LP – Katie Feltz (2 K’s, 4 BB’s)
Ice Cubes – Becky Manson had 2 doubles, Jessi Ramos had 2 hits with a double, Ellie Ballbach doubled, singles by Emily Jones, Kim Biskup, McKenze Supernaw and Brittany Decker.
Milverton – Abbie Jutzi and Brooke Jutzi each singled.

Game 3: Lady Explorers – 3 (6 hits) over Ice Cubes – 2 (5 hits) in 8 innings
WP – Lindsey Rich (3 K’s, 1 BB), LP – Kara Dornbos (8 K’s, 5 BB’s)
Explorers – Maddie Burges had 3 hits, singles by Lindsey Rich, Lauren Castellon and Julia Gross.
Ice Cubes – singles by Suzie Giroux, Kim Biskup, Becky Manson, Jacque Tatge and Lauren Histed.

Game 4: #BB – 10 (11 hits) over Milverton AW Millwrights – 3 (6 hits) in 5 innings
WP – Skyler Sobeski (3 K’s, 2 BB’s), LP – Taylor Westman (3 K’s, 5 BB’s)
#BB – Abby Stoner had 3 hits with a triple and double, Jenna Faultersack, Lexee Summers and Skyler Sobeski each had 2 hits with a double, singles by Emily Smith and Tylor Sanicki.
Milverton – Becca Ropp doubled, singles by Rachel Dotzert, Taylor Westman, Brooke Jutzi, Carlene Clapperton and Dana Magagin.

Game 5: Lady Explorers – 8 (13 hits) over Milverton – 0 (1 hit)
WP – Sammi Howell (4 K’s, 0 BB’s, 21 batters faced as the only hit in the 5th inning was forced out on a line drive double play), LP – Katie Feltz (1 K, 3 BB’s)
Explorers – Lindsey Rich had 3 hits with an out of the park homerun, Maggie Frezotti had 3 hits with a triple, Julia Gross had 3 hits with a double, Maddie Burgess had 2 hits with a double, singles by Shelby Hard and Lauren Castellon.
Milverton – Brooke Jutzi singled in the 5th inning to break up the perfect game.

Game 6: Ice Cubes – 4 (7 hits) over #BB – 1 (9 hits)
WP – Kara Dornbos (5 K’s, 2 BB’s), LP – Reilly Galloway (5 K’s, 4 BB’s)
Ice Cubes – Jacque Tatge had 2 hits, McKenze Supernaw doubled, singles by Suzie Girous, Brittany Decker and Laura Histed.
#BB – Jenna Faultersack had 3 hits with a double, Abby Stoner doubled, singles by Emily Smith, Megan Hiler, Skyler Sobeski, Taylor Sanicki and Lexee Summers.

Game 7: Lady Explorers – 3 (13 hits) over #BB – 2 (7 hits)
WP – Lindsay Rich (5 K’s, 2 BB’s), LP – Reilly Galloway (4 K’s, 2 BB’s)
Explorers – Shelby Hard had 2 hits with a double, two hits each by Tara Gross, Maggie Frezotti, Lindsay Rich and Julia Gross, singles by Maddie Burgess, Kaila Faulker and Taylor Schmitt.
BB – Jenna Faultersack had 3 hits, Marlee Wilson had 2 hits, Abby Stoner had an out of the park homerun, Taylor Sanicki singled.

Game 8: Ice Cubes – 13 (12 hits) over Milverton AW Millwrights – 6 (10 hits) in 6 innings
WP – Kara Dornbos (2 2/3 IP, 0 R’s, 1 H, 3 K’s, 0 BB’s) in relief of Ellie Ballbach (3 1/3 IP, 6 R’s, 7 H’s 3 K’s, 3 BB’s), LP – Taylor Westman (1 K, 7 BB’s)
Ice Cubes – Suzie Giroux had 2 hits with a triple, Kim Biskup had 2 hits with a double, McKenze Supernaw had 2 hits, Becky Manson doubled, singles by Emily Jones, Jacque Tatge, Jessi Ramos, Lauren Histed and Brittany Decker.
Milverton – Two hits each by Rachel Dotzert, Becca Ropp and Dana Magagnin, singles by Kristen Pearn, Brooke Jutzi, Harley Westman and Janelle Pearn.

Game 9 – Championship: Lady Explorers-10 (15 hits) over Ice Cubes-6 (9 hits) in 8 innings.
WP-Lindsay Rich (3 IP, 0 R’s, 1 H, 2 K’s, 1 BB) in relief of Sammi Howell (5 IP, 6 R’s, 8 H’s, 1 K, 3 BB’s). LP-Kara Dornbos (3 K’s, 2 BB’s).
Explorers – Tara Gross had 4 hits with a double, Lauren Castellon had 3 hits, Kaila Fulker had 2 hits with a double, Maddie Burgess and Shelby Hard each had 2 hits, Maggie Frezotti and Lindsay Rich each singled.
Ice Cubes – Emily Jones, Becky Manson and Lauren Histed each had 2 hits, singles by Suzie Giroux, Kim Biskup and Jessi Ramos.
Game Notes: Lady Explorers jumped to a 6-0 lead after 2 innings. Ice Cubes got 1 run in the bottom of the 3rd and then erupted for 5 runs in the 5th inning on 6 hits to tie it at 6's. Explorers got 2 on with 2 out in the top 7th but couldn't score. Ice loaded the bases in bot 7th with no outs and things were looking rough for the Explorers. 1st out comes on a ground ball from 2nd base to the catcher to cut the lead runner. 2nd out comes on a soft liner to 1st base and the 3rd out goes short to first on a ground ball to end the threat. In the top 8th with the international tie breaker in effect with a runner on 2nd base, Julia Gross lays down a perfect sac bunt to advance the runner to 3rd. Lauren Castellon singles in the run to go up 7-6. A fielders choice gets a force at 2nd for out number two. Maddie Burgess singles to put two runners in base. Tara Gross hits a sharp single to the outfield and it skips by the charging outfielder going all the way to the fence. Gross and the other two all score to go up 10-6. The score doesn't describe how close the game was as the fans got their money's worth! Ice Cubes went down in order in the bot of 8th to end it.


Pretournament info:

2018 Interested Participants:

1. Lady Explorers from Midland - paid 12/23/17

2. Ice Cubes from Bay City and Detroit - paid 1/5/18 (requesting no Fri PM game) **

3. #BB from South Haven - paid 3/25/18

4. Milverton AW Millwrights from Milverton, Ontario - paid 5/21/18 (requesting no Fri PM game) **